50 years – yes for 50 years I have been entertaining in one form or another. From plays, to musicals, to 50s groups, to leading worship, to singing the National Anthem over 200 times, I have thoroughly enjoyed glorifying God, hamming it up, being in the spotlight, and bringing joy and fond memories to all people…

That started at a young age back in York County Pennsylvania. 

I don’t think I was singing in this picture with siblings and cousins, but I am sure I was entertaining someone, for sure my cousin John kneeling next to me.

Over the years family, community, and love of country have been important but they are all out shined by God’s Grace and Love to us.


My father was in the Air Force; my older brother was in the Air Force, I was in the Air Force and my son is in the Air Force. 

(My dad stationed in Hawaii about 1950)

Big brother Jim circa 1976, Air Force Security Forces.

My son followed in my footsteps and joined the Air Force.

I served 24 years, 17 of them as a Recruiter in the Air Force.


Patriotism does run deep in our family, and we all bleed Air Force blue.  The Air Force is over 7 decades old and although we lost dad in 1991 to cancer, in the last 6 decades, one of our family was in an Air Force Uniform. I truly am proud to be an American!! 

>>>Pictured on the right: Singing in the Pentagon at a retirement ceremony.


Purposeful Entertainer

That solid family upbringing and faith in the Lord was filled with music and performances including the privilege traveling for Maranatha Baptist University in 1980 as part of the Maranatha Messengers. Each of you are still a joy to my heart!!
As our beloved Dr. Degraw used to say,

Our purpose is not to merely entertain, but to entertain with a purpose”.

Those words stuck with me since my college days for the last 40 years. Even today as I sing the oldies for seasoned citizens, perform patriotic shows, sing hymns and Gospel songs, or have the honor of singing our National Anthem, Dr. Degraw’s words continually return to my mind.

So, as I continue with that in mind, I hope you will come out and support us. I guarantee some grandpa jokes (much worse than dad jokes), some laughs, some memories and perhaps even a pause to take a little more pride in our land and nation! We certainly need to pray for the country and ask God to continue to stand beside her and guide her.